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Programs and Services

We have been providing multiple services since 2015 when our organization was first developed. Our community engagement is aimed to help, uplift, and support those who feel left out and were searching for a place to come to where they feel loved and safe. 

Our So So’s Haven program distributes over 2000 condoms a year to our sex workers. We offer one-on-one mentoring virtually, in-person, or over the phone for those women who are struggling with their diagnosis and offer a women's support group. Poz Haven knew that connecting lived experiences would help our mentor program thrive. We enjoy having our community events and partnering with other community-based organizations. We also provide support services by referring clients (referrals) with resources to other organizations to get their needs met as soon as possible.

We offer to the community and organizations educational workshops and presentations on stigma, U=U, HIV 101, Black women, and HIV and why HIV affects certain populations more.

Right now, we are working on a women’s retreat called Enclave of Love and Hope Retreat and an African support group since we know that there is not much support for the African community here in Las Vegas.  

We can identify with what the need is (community engagement) and work tremendously hard to make the changes that our people need. One thing Poz Haven Foundation has is an organization of people with a huge heart.

Poz Haven Foundation and  Urcumica Films LLC produced and directed a short film called Here We Are Black Women Who Live With HIV.  We wanted to reach Black women who are struggling with their diagnosis to let them know that it is okay to be happy and live in your truth. To find out more about the film click here

Enjoying Nature
Coming soon
An Enclave for Love and Hope
An all-women's retreat

Strong women lift each other up and do not leave anyone behind.”

There should be meaningful involvement of women living with HIV in the design implementation, and evaluation of programs and services. Women need Peer support programs, such as An Enclave for Love and Hope Healing Retreat that promote comprehensive, holistic care, and provide accurate and accessible information and psychosocial support. A strong women’s care network is needed to serve as an example that women can sustain themselves not only in healthcare but in life today.

African Support Group
Coming soon
Africans who live with HIV that reside in the United States need support too.  Poz Haven Foundation knows how stigma affects people from other countries. This is why we will start a support group that will be ran by someone who is an African descendant and can relate with what they are going through. 

Let Us Know How We Can Help

Mentorship Program Services

Women's Support Groups

Empowering All People Who Live with HIV To Love Who They Are

Condom Distribution Program

Education and Training

African Program Coming Soon

Events and Community Partnership
Support Services

Women's Retreat Coming Soon

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